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Welcome To Cappers Watchdog

Cappers Watchdog Free Sports Monitor Service is an independent organization created by a group of us sports gamblers in 2003 to give the average sports bettor a chance to see what your going to get for your money before spending it on a handicapping service. This site is 100% free! We invite the best handicappers, monitor their college and pro football picks, college and NBA picks as well as NHL and MLB games for no charge to you or the sports handicappers. Because of this we DO NOT give out their football picks or basketball picks under any circumstances. We play NO FAVORITES, all the daily sports picks supplied by each handicapper are the actual picks you would receive if you paid for their service and are calculated into our winning % totals. The only money we make is off the wagering we do on the picks and the cost to any partners or sports affiliates for advertising on our site. Sports betting is a hobby for the group of us and each has previously used a sports handicapping service for their own personal sports betting. This gives us an even greater number of sports handicapping sites to monitor. If you use a service not seen in our top handicappers list and are interested in seeing us monitor them , email us for More Info. There is no cost or revenue to you, nor is there any gain other than the satisfaction of helping other sports gamblers increase their earnings on football picks and basketball picks as we do by weeding out the cappers that do not live up to their claims.

Why Is Cappers Watchdog different from other sports monitors?

    For Our Visitors We have all learned over the years that your money is made over the long haul. Your top handicappers run hot and cold just like anyone else so don't ever believe claims of winning 75 to 80 percent of their plays. This may happen for a week or so, but the guys you want to trust your bankroll to are the football picks handicappers and other top handicappers that win on a consistent basis week after week, season after season. Each week Cappers Watchdog Sports Monitor Service provides sports bettors with a list of or top 12 handicappers as well as our best handicappers in each sport. We also display each cappers picks the next day and list each handicappers record and accumulated points (units) for each sport. This rank is done by earned units as well as win percentage. We feel this gives an accurate break down and comparison for our visitors to make an educated decision towards selecting the best handicapper. Unlike some of the other monitors services we eliminate cappers from the top rank lists that do not post enough picks each week or month to give our visitors a fair comparison to cappers that have. There is nothing more disappointing than a service that charges hundreds of dollars a month for say basketball picks and they only give out 2 or 3 a week. Or even worse, some handicappers will post 2 or 3 picks early in the week and if they win them all they won't post anymore because at 100% they are in 1st place. Obviously this is of no help to you because you don't get an accurate stat on how they really did with the all the picks they provided to their clients.
    We also eliminate guys padding their points to look better. Cappers have several restrictions here such as not playing both the money line and the spread on the same football game. Playing a heavy favorite at -13 points is still a risk but offsetting it with a 5 unit play on the same team at -1500 moneyline is almost a sure win. Two things wrong with that. first, its deceiving to you the visitor into thinking the service wins more than it really does and the other possibility is that the service really gives their clients those picks. Neither is good for you. 5 units at -1500 means you lay out $7500 to win $500. If you should happen to lose... it would take you 15 wins in a row to get your money back.... not to mention the money you are out paying for that service that gave you the picks. That is why guys that play heavy favorite money lines constantly have a high win percentage but their earned units are low, or in most cases in the minus. Most other sports monitors really don't give a damn what their cappers put up.
Tips On How To Find A Winning Capper

    For The Handicappers The biggest feature is the versatility on football and basketball point spreads. All you handicappers are familiar with the problem of finding the best line for your clients, only to find out that the sports monitor service you use is a point off, which you find out at the end of the day was the difference between a win on your site and a loss on the monitor site. Now you have to explain it to everyone that inquires about your record. The other big difference is that we try to keep it to professional handicapping services only. There are way to many services out there with a big long list of coach cappers that don't even have websites or phone numbers to purchase from. Of course we all know how fast those guys disappear and then the next thing you know is the handicapper service has 80 cappers on their list but 40 aren't even making any picks. Because of this we only accept new cappers that have been established on the web for over 6 months. Another convenient feature are the 3 options we offer for recording your sports picks each day. You can log in and do it, email them to us along with your paid subscribers and we will post them for you, or supply a password so we can retrieve them from your site ourselves. Generally, we care about the cappers and the visitors here, unlike most other sports monitors. We do have some restrictions on how you place your picks but they are there for a good reason and the real handicapping services that use us for the intended purpose of verifying their picks, benefit greatly. Can't get any easier, right?

Don't just take our word for it, see what our cappers have to say!

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